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It’s here you will find inspiration and practical advice on life and career changes, as well as some of my own personal life journeys & adventures.

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Do What You love…???

Do What You love…???

Look for something you love doing, and then it won't feel like work. That’s how the saying goes, right? And yes, I am a firm believer that wherever...

Meh to Magnificent

Meh to Magnificent

Sometimes we find our day is just not hitting the high notes. For whatever reason we are feeling ‘meh’ and there’s not much we can do about it, or...

Refocussing The Bigger Picture

Refocussing The Bigger Picture

I am starting to see a shift in our collective ability to see the bigger picture.  For leaders in the business world and beyond, the capacity to see...

Hi I’m Julie,

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a certified Career Transition & NLP Practitioner and a Life-Change Coach who has definitely had more than a few changes to draw experience from.

Some big (I’ve lived and worked in four countries across three continents) and some small, but all with the purpose of creating a life well lived.

I’m here to help you move forward with renewed purpose to make your own changes, BIG or small.