I am I can

It’s a core belief I incorporated in my late teens, an extension of Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”. You can’t blame a girl for paying attention in philosophy, right?!

It is this belief that has seen me accomplish many things…and get me in a few sticky situations at times – more on that later!

It was also the ‘I am I can’ mindset that catapulted me off on a backpacking trip around the world at the age of 20.

My Mum (if you look up encouragement in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you will see her face beaming back at you) watched me, her only child, head off on a trip into the relatively unknown (with little or no contact for lengthy periods of time).

The life of a backpacker in 1999 is not what it is today! But It was the start of a new chapter, and one which would repeat itself again years down the line.

Listening rather than selling…

To save money for my trip, I’d worked in a call center. I was always the subject of many eye-rolls when I spent too much time speaking to the customers & learning about their lives instead of selling.

Back then, there was no such thing as career and life coaches (except the rather dubious career counselling we got at school) and it was probably a good thing as I still had a lot of living and career aspiring to do before coaching others.

But the passion for listening and the desire to help people succeed was already igniting in my soul.

I realized that it was possible to change someone’s day and light up my own at the same time.

Brand You Day Was Born

Fast forward through a 20+ year career full of changes and pivots to include:

  • Retail management
  • Owning and operating a recruitment business
  • HR Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Career & Life Coaching

Sprinkle in a dusting of writing and publishing a children’s book and living in four countries across three continents and here we are today! Currently living in what is dubbed the sleeping beauty city of France, Bordeaux.

You might have heard me mention that helping others succeed and rediscover their sparkle is my favourite thing and through every step of my career above, I have had the pleasure in being able to do so.

It’s from this passion that the initiative for Brand YOU Day was born.

To start a Brand YOU Day is to embrace change,

…and that can often be a little scary. I’ve had many changes in life, some planned, others not so much! Starting a Brand You Day doesn’t need to be mind-blowing, set-in-cement change…. absolutely not!

A brand YOU day is about you making a change to make you feel better, give you a new sense of purpose or just a reason to smile. It might be a small mindset change, something that listening to a song might fix in that moment, or it could be a bigger step, a new chapter in life, maybe a new career or life direction.

Ultimately you need one thing to start, the curiosity to try.

It’s my passion to stoke the embers of that inner spark you have so you can see it burn bright. Oh and remember those sticky situations? Yup, they’re here.

As a Certified Career Coach, NLP Practitioner and dedicated Life Coach, I am here to share knowledge, tools and some purpose-provoking action points for some of those bigger changes, through my downloadable bite-size programs and one-to-one coaching. But I’m also making it my mission to provide inspiration and encouragement through regular blogs and social posts for smaller pops of inspiration to lift your day and soul.

A Little About Me When I’m Not Working.

Lucky wife of an amazingly patient and encouraging man and proud Mum of one ‘tween-ager’, my miracle-child who I still get to snuggle with…if I choose the right moment!

Multi-passionate creator – I see something creative (printing tee-shirts or painting or stamping leather plus everything in between) and I NEED to give it a go, not always successfully!

When I’m not working on new content to help others on their journeys, you might catch me walking our spirited rescue-pup, supping a cappuccino, or a glass of red (well, what’s a girl to do when she lives in Bordeaux!) and dreaming of places to visit…mostly my homeland in Scotland.

True Happiness for me, looks like – helping others realize their awesomeness, spending time with family & friends, traveling and discovering something new to me but old to the world, good food & wine, books (tsundoku-afflicted sums me up), snowflakes (the icy types, #justsaying), podded peas, bramble-picking & other people smiling. Phew – and that’s just a few!

Ready to Start a Brand YOU Day?

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