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Time to level up in your career?
You’ve come to the right place.
Over many years working in the recruitment, HR, and career transition world, I am here to share my knowledge and help you make the right changes, while using the best tools and methods to get you there.

Brand YOU Resume


Found a vacancy listing for the perfect job? It’s a fabulous feeling. But your resume, well, it’s needing a LOT of work and you don’t know where to start.

    • It’s not set it up to rank high in the applicant tracking system AND appeal to the hiring manager.
    • It’s not structured to match the job description requirements.
    • It hasn’t been created with your employer in mind; it’s currently just a document of your general experience.
    • It doesn’t have the ‘WOW’ factor to stand you high above your competition.
DON’T PANIC! Say hello to your power-primed resume package.

Brimming with all the good stuff to help you unlock the door to interviews and the new career you deserve. It’s this way to a…

Brand YOU Life

Time to level-up in your life? You’ve come to the right place.

Brand YOU Life

Coming Soon

Ever feel like life is coming soon?

Just like this course, it’ll be worth the wait.

It’ll be this way to a

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Life. Career. Inspiration. Free resources created to help you live your purpose-driven life.

Resume Checklist

Your resume is the golden key to unlocking your career advancement. Make it work for you, not against you. Download

ATS Checklist

Everything you need to know to get your resume high-ranking & ready for the Applicant Tracking System. Download

The Done List

Put the to-do list down, grab a coffee & your favorite pen (you know you have one!) & say hi to the done list! Download

Journey To Change

Put the right steps in place to ensure you reach your change in the easiest and most productive way possible. Download

Linkedin Checklist

Kick-start & get active on your Linkedin Profile. Psst…this is for you if you just paste your resume to your profile!

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One to One Coaching


What my clients are saying...

Skilled In Career Changes

"I made the decision to leave my corporate job after 20 years as an executive...I am so grateful that Julie Vincent was my coach during these strange days. Her extraordinary skills contrast with my own. She skillfully used life coaching techniques to re-build my confidence early on and then helped me decide what my career path should be, eventually working to develop my own successful business. Her ability to navigate social media platforms, specifically Linkedin, to enhance my presence online, allowed me to improve in an area that I was very deficient in. I selected Julie from a group of excellent coaches and never looked back!  She is skilled in career changes/advancement, life changes, resume writing, and Internet and Linkedin marketing. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is considering coaching to improve themselves both professionally and personally."

- L. Wiersma

A More Fulfilling Life

"As I turn the page to the next chapter of my life and career, Julie’s coaching, and support have been invaluable to me, revealing career wins, long-forgotten passions, and natural talents. Julie's guidance is valuable for anyone desiring a change and a more fulfilling life!"

- Betsy

Support & Guidance

"I consider myself lucky to have had the great fortune of working with Julie after losing my job due to the COVID pandemic. Julie made what was a very difficult situation much more bearable. She coached and counseled me in many ways that helped me through the process of career transition. Julie's help in enhancing my resume and making my LinkedIn profile shine was invaluable. I would not be where I am in my career had it not been for her and all the support and guidance she gave me."

- T. Stanek

Phenomenal Coach

"Julie is a phenomenal coach who communicates clearly and delivers actionable insight to help you achieve your professional goals."

- R. Mangat

Helped Me Take Back My Power

"Going slow to go fast! I landed the BEST job opportunity EVER because of Julie. When I was down, feeling discouraged, she was right there to process my internal narratives and changed them into exploring future success. She helped me transform. She helped me take back my power. By working with Julie, I gained a practical set of skills and knowledge and what it takes to conduct job search processes during a global pandemic. At the same time, she coached me to regain my inner confidence, intrinsic power, and ways to articulate my passion - why I love what I do. Job search is hard enough but to do so during a global pandemic is extra tough. I'm so happy I worked with Julie! I can't thank her enough because I'm so happy with my new job!"

- S. Miyagi

Turn A "What If" Into Reality

"I recently reached a point in my career where I knew it was time for a change but didn't exactly know WHAT that change should be. That's where Julie and her encouraging spirit stepped in. Julie helped me unearth and sort out my transferrable skills and, of equal importance, gave me the confidence to turn a "what if" into reality. If you find yourself in a similar place professionally, but self-doubt has you unsure how to move forward, you won't find a better guide!"

- B. Borremans