Word Up

The word on the street is, well, it’s whatever you choose it to be!

Let me elaborate on a little trick I use to add a touch of purpose to my New Year.

If you were with me this time last year, you’ll possibly remember I shared it with you then too.

Every year I pick a word I want to focus on in the months ahead.

Here’s how the last few years have looked:

2019 Gratitude

2020 Learn

2021 Grow

and this year my word is EXPERIENCE.

This word becomes a friend, a go-to when you feel stuck in a rut or need some inspiration. For example, in 2020 I relocated to a new country which of course demanded me to learn a few important lessons, too many to discuss here! But I didn’t set out the year knowing a new country move was on the cards so when I chose the word learn, it was with the intention to not only learn new skills (NLP being one) but to look inside and learn about myself.

You see, having a word to headline your year sets the premise for what can come.

It is this year’s chapter title in the book of your life

Experience, for me this year encourages my mindset to be present and in the moment.

To truly experience what I am doing but also to try new things, to get out of my comfort zone.

If you want to try a word this year but don’t know what to choose, let me help. Below are some words to inspire.

When you have your word, write it, and ensure it’s visible in as many places as possible. Your fridge, your journal, your screen saver, the back of your front door…wherever you can be reminded to embrace whatever that word represents to you.

Finding a splash of purpose by way of this exercise is sometimes all the fuel we need to spark our day.


If career is a word for your year, you might want to tidy up your resume and take it to the next level – I’ll see you here

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