2 Indications You Might Need a Change

Needless to say, being caught up in the rat race, hellbent on getting through our hectic lives, we often feel a little trapped with no time to even contemplate change. Cue demotivation, frustration and an overall urge to *sigh* frequently. Change seems to be an impossible pipedream. Or, worse still, we might be so caught up in the routine, we fail to even notice the tell-tale signs that tell us a change is needed.

So, here I am giving you a friendly tap on the shoulder to let you know a few signs that might indicate it’s a good time to consider some changes.


  1. You daydream about happiness.


Demotivation stems from dissatisfaction. There I said it.


There’s nothing quite like being suffocated in a dead-end job, living an unfulfilled life or being stuck in a toxic relationship.


If you find yourself fantasizing a little too much (like, on a daily basis) about a happier life, revisiting memories of happier times, being in a different relationship or job, the chances are your subconscious is telling you it desires change.  



  1. Your energy is low, you’re angry and frustrated.


Hitting the snooze button, a little too often?

Zero motivation?

Little things niggling at you WAY more than they should?

Things that used to light you up, leave you numb?




Tick? And,



My friend, these are all possible signs that something in your life is not flowing the way it should. You probably already knew that am I right? But by actually addressing the issue, facing the realization head on, it opens up the opportunity for change. In fact, according to Behavioral Signals CEO Rana Gujral, you need to listen to your frustration in order to understand the need for change.


Did you nod your head to one or both of these?

Here are a couple of quick steps you can take right now:


1/ Talk to someone – a trusted confidante or an expert. The saying, a problem shared is a problem halved may not be wholly accurate but by talking to a trusted source, we know it is a huge step to moving forward.


2/ Try bringing your frustration to the forefront of your mind. Write it down and take time to think about the WHY behind it.


For example, why are you hitting the snooze button too many times?

Why might things be niggling at you?


What has happened to trigger you? An event or a shift in circumstances? Or, has this been slowly building over a long period of time?


Go deeper and be honest with yourself. As you start to peel back layers and get more comfortable with what is causing dissatisfaction in your life today, you start to make a mental shift to the reality of what can be done to change and realize a brighter future.


It’s only by reaching the root cause of your discontent, that you can move forward.


Your mind and body want you to succeed. They will wave red flags at you when your inner self is crying for help. (Anxiety, stress, unhealthy eating, insomnia). Change can be intimidating, but what if it actually enabled you to lead a life of happiness?


Would it not be worth it then?



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