Opinions – Yours Doesn’t Matter

That was quite a triggering header, wasn’t it?

That’s how I felt when I offered my opinion in a meeting after someone had asked the group collectively for it. What the presenter was actually doing was seeking supporters whose opinions matched his own.

The fact that I dared have a different opinion was met with a loud guffaw and left me feeling embarrassed. He had belittled me because I didn’t praise or align with him. In fact, I shared a very different view on the matter discussed.

He showed no interest and moved on to someone falling over themselves to agree with every last word he had spoken.

It works both ways though, I have also asked for, and been on the receiving end of opinions that contradict my own. It can feel very awkward but it’s a two-way street.

When we do our best to see another’s point of view, others will try to understand ours as well.

With this topic in mind, I’ve participated in some interesting conversations recently.

I’ve begun to watch how some welcome the opinions of others, working to understand differing viewpoints and stay open to considering new perspectives while others seek only people with similar or the same opinions as them.

Which person are you?

It’s quite a confronting thought.

I’ll admit, it feels good to have everyone agree with you. But, in a world where ‘find your tribe’ is celebrated as being the way forward, it is also important to include others who do have differing points of view.  Those who may challenge you and your way of thinking.

We need to be open to it. It can feel REALLY uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean we need to suddenly change, instead, we listen and we try to understand. We take from it what we need and from there, evolve.

As a career and life coach, I’m my clients’ biggest cheerleader, but it is important for me to also challenge, where appropriate. When we face a challenge to our opinion or mindset it can become the biggest launchpad for growth. Because we work to understand a new dynamic and that in itself creates new momentum. 

Allowing ourselves the freedom to think from a different angle is not only how we develop as a person, but it also helps us stand out as a leader in our careers.


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