I broke a glass last night.


It wasn’t a particularly special glass, just your run-of-the-mill standard wine glass. Likely from IKEA.

I took out my sharpie and wrote BROKEN across it.

Not because I was trying to get all philosophical about it, in fact, it was purely practical.

It was my reminder to myself and anyone else in the family that it was no longer fit for purpose and needed to go to the recycling/bottle bank on our next visit.

When I came through to have breakfast this morning it caught my attention again and made me think of the Japanese Kintsugi art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold.

It has a beautiful metaphor behind it, mainly being that we embrace our flaws and imperfections. We don’t hide them away, we highlight them.

While this glass will not be fit for drinking from again in its current state, it will be recycled, repurposed, and reused in some varying form.

Being broken is not the end.

It’s a starting point to a new beginning and sometimes that comes from another beginnings’ end.

Whether it was a painful end or just the realization that a new chapter needed starting, reaching this point in our lives is just another step. Embrace it with curiosity and the knowledge that if this leads to a broken ending, that’s OK.

But maybe, just maybe, it might be the best new beginning of your life.



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