Another Quick Mood Adjustment

If you’re stuck in a funk and theres no way out,

try a little trick,

but don’t scream and shout…

unless it’s to a rhythm

that will lift your spirits high,

this little mood adjuster

is easy to apply.

Find your happy playlist,

and you’ll find you have your answer,

turn it up nice and loud

Voila! Your music mood enhancer.


YES! Release that brain-funk with a spot of music therapy – We all know how a song can stir the soul, so why not try it? 

It can increase productivity too.

Put on a playlist (or create your own) and set your day on fire!

For all those who already have their go-to, soul-lifting, change-inspiring songs to alter your mindset, let me hear them here http://bit.ly/l1ft What song would you put on right now to help you change your day? Share your music, it might help lift someone else today.

I’m a multi-passionate music appreciator but the song that lifted me today (played nice and loud) https://spoti.fi/3wJLtxc 

If you want some more inspiration for productivity playlists, take a look here ? https://lnkd.in/gb25i-z


PS – It’s worth remembering that making a change in our life doesn’t always need to be a big thing, sometimes changing our mood can be enough to get us moving forward again. Start a #brandyouday in a simple way.

PPS (if that is truly a thing) – A Harvard Health revealed a study of “60 adults with chronic pain found that music was able to reduce pain, depression, and disability”.

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