Meh to Magnificent

Sometimes we find our day is just not hitting the high notes. For whatever reason we are feeling ‘meh’ and there’s not much we can do about it, or at least it feels that way.

Picture this, you wake up and prepare for your day. There’s a list of things you need to get done but everything is taking soooo long.

There are a million little things that begin to interrupt your thoughts, keeping you from what you need to be doing and, it ends up with you doing nothing at all.

You feel Motivation Exhaustion Hindrance – ‘MEH’, OK, I made that up, but you get what I mean.

If you can afford to continue your day feeling this way, it’s actually perfectly fine to allow ourselves some meh-time. It can be quite therapeutic. Push the to-do list to one side and spend some time indulging in self-care.

But, if you need to flip the switch and kick meh to the curb, there are some small simple tricks to help regain a little sparkle and refreshed spring in your step.

Without sounding too much like Baz Luhrmann in Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen (Still so good!),  here are some go-to actions you can do right now:

Change Your Outfit

Say what now?!

It’s like the saying goes, small pebbles create big ripples. Changing your outfit is a small change but it can lift your mood and productivity thereafter. Take care to choose an outfit that you have worn before which has made you feel good. Even if you aren’t planning on going out of the house!

Put On Some Uplifting Music

“Hey Alexa, play happy music”, will get you off to a good start. Or you could try here. Even better, sing and move like a crazy cat. Shaking out those meh feelings demands serious dance moves!


Set the timer for 15 minutes, find a comfortable spot in a noise-free area and, just breathe. Close your eyes and pay attention to the noise of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Inhale slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. 15 minutes of concentrated breathing leaves us feeling calmer and more focused to restart our days’ objectives.

Write To Someone

When was the last time you actually picked up pen and paper and wrote to a friend? Just for the sake of it?

Not an email, I mean actual snail mail.

When you are in meh-mode, think of a friend, pick out a nice notecard or some paper and get writing. Sounds so old-fashioned, doesn’t it? But the simple task of your writing is a form of action, and action (whatever form it takes) helps to create clarity and momentum, don’t believe me? Just google it…so much is documented on this simple belief.

Plus, thinking about someone else helps to get out of your own head. There’s also the added bonus that if you’re like me, receiving a handwritten letter unexpectedly through the post is the ultimate soul-lifter you could give to a friend.

And, there you have it! Four simple steps to help take you from feeling meh to magnificent.


 BTW – if you’re feeling ‘meh’ because your career isn’t going the way you want it to, you might want to head HERE.